The popularity of television has risen incredibly since its beginning. People spend still more and more time by watching TV which influences lives of many of them. This media is very young, first TV transmission was in our republic in 1954. Now exist many TV channels. We can divided them to two groups. First group are state channels, such as Czech Television with her two channels - Czech Television 1 and 2. These channel are financed from charge, which we pay for each TV box in our flats. Main task of these channel is inform and educate people. Next part of channels are channels private. In Czech republic exist two main private channels - Nova and Prima. These channels are financed from advertising. Next group of channels are satellite’s channels. I can appoint from famous Music Television - famous MTV. Special group are cable’s channels. We must pay monthly charge, if we can watch these channels. I can appoint from famous channel HBO.

I feel that many programmes are too violent and shallow (e.g.. soap operas, which are about money and love). In the Czech republic, there are hours of series on TV especially in the afternoon which are watched by old people but also by children and housewives. My favourite programmes are evening films and amusement programmes, because I can be at rest; sometimes I like watching cartoons and travel documentaries. On the average, I watch TV for 2 hours a day, mainly at evening, because during the week I don’t have a time so I watch only TV news and sometimes an evening films. During weekends or holidays, I watch it about maybe 4 hours a day. I think I could live without TV because I can do more agreeable and more useful things. Instead of watching TV, I would go with my friends out, read a book or listen music, which I like.

I feel that content of ads is exaggerated and a waste of time; the number of ads is too great; however sometimes advertising in the middle of a programme can give one a break to go to the kitchen for some sweets or go to the toilet; but when the ads are every 30 minutes it is really annoying.
Kinds of programs: children’s, current affairs, discussion, pop music, gardening, arts, natural, history, film review, customer affairs, language-learning, human interest, fashion, light entertainment, variety; documentaries, the news (is), soap operas, quiz shows, game shows, breakfast TV, costume dramas, the National Lottery draw, film, action series, weather forecast, sci-fi series...