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Referát Winter Olympics 2018

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Winter olympics


The first winter olympics was in 1924 in France. It had only 16 events and only 258 competitors from 16 countries. Olympics in this year will have 102 events in  different sports. For example skiing, skating, snowboarding and more. Some of these sports didnt exist, when was the first winter olympics.

               One of the most popular modern sport is snowboarding, and a new snowboarding event is going to be addend to winter olympics. It is Big Air. Big Air athletes riders ride on their snowboard and jump from large jumps. When they are in air, they are doing triks like somersaults. When they are doing tricks, they are getting points. Who have in the end the most points, they win.

               Other the most popular sport is ice hockey. Players from around the world will stop playing for their NHL teams and will start playing for their national teams. But game organisers couldnt reach an agreement with NHL. Lot of worlds best ice hockey players wont be able to go to the Olympics.

               One of the biggest czech sports star is Martina Sáblíková. She is speed skater and she won 5 Olympics medals and much more from others championships. And when is sommer, she is riding on bike in races.

               Other czech star is Ester Ledecká. Ester is snowboarder. She didnt win medal in Olympics, but she won 2 golden medals and one silver medal at the Snowboarding World Championship. She is skiing, too. Her dream is win in Olympics in snowboarding and skiing.



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